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Here are some of the customer testimonials we’ve received over the years. If you got something good to say about Always Web Hosting, please let us know.

You rock, domain transition smooth and everything happy. Glad to be back on Always Web Hosting and appreciate the personal support, this is
what I remember was great about this host. In this world of crazy competitive computerized cheap hosting it is really refreshing to be able to send out an email and have a human answer. Thanks.

Fred [fred@…]

I’ve gone through several hosting sites, and I have to say that AWH is quite simply the best. Very low prices, shared domains, close to 100% uptime, and super fast support make this a hosting service that I can easily (and do, often) recommend.

Matthew [seraph@……..]

Always Web Hosting has been incredible. The piece of mind that our small organization’s web site is always up and running, that our images and files download so quickly, and our visitors do n ot have to contend with pop-up ads is priceless. The site is quite simple in design, but Always Web Hosting’s advanced capabilities and features are inspiring me toward adding new features and learning the state of the art. AWH really is state of the art. Having all of this for such a low price makes it even more amazing. The fact that I can sign on to my chat program and chat with Ronnie, who is incredibly helpful, is so convenient. Unlike many common software programs, the online support archives and FAQs are incredibly helpful. I ‘Always’ find what I am looking for. I highly recommend AWH to anyone looking for affordable web hosting.

Rob [webmaster@……..]

I am already blown away by the quality of service. I am looking forward to sticking around for a long time and anticipate sharing with friends and colleagues of my great experience with your company. When I started searching for a new host I went straight to the FAQ and support forums of the prospects. Your consistent willingness to go the extra mile clearly set AlwaysWebHosting apart form the rest of the pack. Your dedication to the customer was shown again and again in the positive remarks of your customers, as well as the visible quality of the user community that has developed amongst them.

Timothy P. Griepp [timothy@……..]

I’m recommending AWH to everyone I know who’s looking for hosting – your responsiveness (especially compared to yahoo and their recorded messages) is off the chart. Thanks!

Joshua Siegal [jhsiegal@……..]

AWH provides service the way you would like to be treated. I have 18 years of Information Technology customer service and support experience and it is nice for once to be treated the way I have been expected to server my own customers. There are no lengthy communication delays, Ron gets back to you right away, he always has an answer, and the total hosting package including hosting features and the price is unheard of anywhere in the US. You use the features you can handle and it covers beginners to experts. I have better bandwidth hosting in Texas than I did with local Connecticut service providers. This is a very well thought out business delivery and total hosting solution. Thanks for a great experience!

W. N. [wnolting@……..]

Reaching my old host was impossible. E-mails took 3 weeks before a reply was given, phone calls were never returned. I lost a lot of business because of them. AlwaysWebHosting, on the other hand, is easy to rech via e-mail or support forum, e-mails are answered usually within 10 minutes and things actually get fixed. And their prices are about 1/4 the cost of my old host to boot!

Yvonne Obchansky [yobchansky@……..]

Wonderful host! Totally dedicated to their clients, they’re often online to quickly answer any of my questions. Very knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly. I highly recommend them.

Christopher Bragg [cbragg@……..]

AWH is very responsive when it comes to patching the server to avert security problems, and for that, Thank You!

Adam L. [webmaster@……..]

AWH has really passed all my expectations. They provide an incredible service at a very low price. I would and do recommend friends to AWH – I will never go anywhere else for hosting.

Thomas O. [thomas@……..]

AlwaysWebHosting is the 4th hosting company that I have now used for my business online … and I wish I had discovered them sooner! The support and service that all of the staff at AWH provide is 1000% better than my previous hosts … and for a whole lot less money 🙂 Don’t be put off by the great low prices charged. In my opinion, for what they provide AWH should be charging 3, 4 or even 5 times what they are! I host 6 sites at AlwaysWebHosting and have NEVER had any downtime and have NEVER had to wait more than 90 minutes for an answer to any support problems that I have raised. Now that is what I call a great lesson in customer relations!

Neil Day [webmaster@……..]

I just wanted to let’s you know that someone just offered me to host my site for free and even pay me when I’ll get more hits. You know what I told him? Well I said I’d stay with my current host because I’m more than happy of their great service and fast support. I’m saying that to you to let’s you know how happy I am of your hosting. Good job, you guys are the best!

Shurik [shurik@……..]

I have to take a moment to thank you on this one. I post an urgent ticket, and as I refresh to log out less than a minute later it is finished. Kudos to your customer service.

Brian Baum [bolshytzki@……..]

Thanks a lot for getting me transferred so quick. You guys are great!! I’ve never had such a fast response from any hosting company. Thanks again for the great support!!

Brad Ritter [britter@……..]

Dear Always Web Hosting, I would like to complement you on your excellent web hosting service. Although I do not change service often I found this more to be by far the quickest and easiest I have made. The registration process went through without a glitch. The user panel worked perfectly without a single bug. I transferred 6 domains, including e-mail, within a few hours. The few questions I had were answered within minutes. The real-time support panel is a step above your competitors. Without hesitation I give your service an A+.

Kenton Brown [kenton@……..]

Wow, all it took was my first e-mail inquiry to fall victim to the superior customer service I keep reading about in the forums :). I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me again once I work out some things on my end. Thanks a lot!

Michael Jee [msuvideo@……..]

Thank you very much for all you have done. It’s nice to know that I’m actually talking to a real person over there instead of a computer which was the problem I had with my last webhosting company. I will highly recommend AlwaysWebHosting to anyone. And I know who to turn to in case I have any problems. 🙂 Again, thank you so much for all that you have done!

L. Brown [enigmaopoeia@……..]

Thank you for the excellent professional courtesy service within the first week of doing business. Alwayswebhosting.com is a service I would differently recommend to my friends. As soon as the nameservers have updated and the site is live I’ll be linking to Alwayswebhosting.com, boosting the PR in the process. We need more businesses like this period, on the internet and in the real world of brick and mortar.

L. F. [bk2000@……..]

I just want to let you know that everything work fine so far, i had no problem yet and the speed is great. I think i will enjoy my stay here 🙂 Also, thank you for the extra help moving my site over, i really appreciate it. I heard alot of good thing about you on the WHT forum and now i know why. 🙂 Have a nice day!

Martin Allaire [g.allaire@……..]

Hello, just wanted to that my site is up and running, and I’ve gotten used to the new control panel. Thus far, I haven’t noticed any down time at all, which was the main reason I left my last host. After dealing with a couple of one-man hosting outfits trying to pass themselves off as a larger company, I vowed to stay away from smaller firms. However, after seeing the positive posts on WHT, I decided to give your company a try. You’ve exceeded my expetations, and I appreciate the excellent customer service.

Steve Simmering [steve_simmering@……..]

Thanks for all the friendly help, it’s been much appreciated. I may have some further questions about wildcard DNS etc., I’ll get in touch with you soon about that. But so far, the system is beautiful. Thanks!

Daragh D. [d@……..]

I just wanted to say “THANKS SO MUCH!!!” I’m impressed pal. I really appreciate the great service and the way you have your site set up. I was REALLY happy that I was able to start using my web space so fast and get my site uploaded without a hitch. Keep up the good work. I wish you the best of success in your venture and hope to be a part of it for a very long time to come.

Chris Marzonie [cmarzonie@……..]

I am very impressed with your service. I just registered a website:www.jim-jen.com and I found the process smooth and easy. I am impressed with your website also. I have registered several websites and hosted them with many different companies, but I would say yours is the best I have worked with.

Jim Gould [JimG@……..]

Let me thank you on giving the best and most efficient support surface I’ve ever experienced. I look forward to the future.

Michael Noack [snoack@……..]

Right on, you rock, I’m honestly impressed with the service and such that I get with you, you treat people like people instead of act like an automated responder, heh, thanks 😉

Jesse D. [dfh_smoke666@……..]

Thanks for your help! You’ve been a great host! It’s a host like you that makes my first paid hosting experience a dream 🙂

‘Avium’ [nekochan@……..]